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We provide completely tailored remittance software & consultancy services for Financial Institutions. In doing so, we utilize state-of-the-art tools and technologies and best-of-the-breed processes and methodologies to ensure quality delivery.

We specialize in the development of software for financial institutions as we have resources with extensive expertise in Remittance & Money Exchange Industry.

Key Features

The remittance industry is growing at an unprecedented rate. Although this rapid growth is remarkable, one of the biggest concerns is the threat of fraudulent customers. Fraud is a prevalent problem which can manifest in innumerable ways, namely, setting up fake accounts, identity theft. Constant monitoring of their transactional behaviour is essential to block any suspicious transfers and more importantly, to mitigate AML/CFT risks.

iRemit applies a risk-based approach to customer risk assessment. Every transaction of the customer is analyzed based on various parameters, such as their profession, income source and relation with the receiver, transaction type, amount and many more.

An AI framework is used to calculate the customer risk score, which is classified into three categories – Low, Medium and High. This then enables and ensures that the back-office takes the necessary actions.

The remittance service industry is growing exponentially worldwide. With this, there is always a tremendous pressure on the providers to deliver swift and frictionless service to its customer, without compromising any security aspects relative to cross-border payments. In this respect, collecting data during every customer registration (for KYC), transaction request (for Proof of Service) is of paramount concern as improper handling or minor clerical mistakes can lead to undesirable dispute in the future.

At present, Money transfer agents (both sending and disbursing) have to manually scan, upload, and file customer ID cards and remittance request forms which makes the job highly laborious and inefficient.

iRemit Tool is a smart app created for agents to simplify their work and reduce operational latency time without undermining any security facets.

Keeping up with heavy and ever-changing regulatory directives and obligations present a significant challenge for remittance businesses to operate smoothly and evade non-compliance penalties.

iRemit is designed to be comprehensive and dynamic in nature, which enables the most sophisticated of rules to be run with a simple procedure. It provides a complete and coherent interface wherein clients can set rules as per their regulatory requirements of their countries from which they function respectively. Regardless of the business size, our robust compliance solution fits everyone’s needs ably.

Customers can remit on-the-go from our mobile app and web portal, through which they can transfer money within minutes, while in the comfort of their home or office.

Its simple, immersive, and multi-lingual interface not only engages the user but also lets them navigate with ease.

In this digital age, KYC is an indispensable part and of primary importance for any financial institution as not only an identity proof but also a safeguard against money launderers or other criminal activities.

Uninterrupted and quick customer service may be necessary for profitable businesses, but accurate customer identity-check is of supreme importance to avoid any kind of regulatory violations.

One of the major challenges financial businesses face is in the KYC on-boarding process. In most of the cases, customers have to do face-to-face verification. Our E-KYC Facial Recognition is a game-changing AI technology that performs live face detection and cross-checks an individual’s identity with that of their uploaded ID document.

• Remote Identity Proofing
• Real-time Verification• Effortless User-Experience
• Quick and Easy-to-understand KYC Procedure

In the spirit of gamification, we offer promotions and referral bonus to our clients. In addition to this, we also provide seasonal and festive offers to increase satisfaction, user experience and overall client-base. This feature will allow our clients to offer discount schemes and generate promo codes to provide either better rates or lower transaction fee, depending on/ customizable to the client’s company policy. An added benefit to our “Refer a Friend” feature is that it will facilitate in saving ‘agent cost’ and offers a sense of reliability in the system itself as its referred by a trusted acquaintance. Referral Bonus will only be activated or a voucher code will only be sent if the referee makes a transaction, if not, the referral will be void. Other terms and conditions will apply.

iRemit has an advanced function called the “Report Writer”, which allows the administrator to generate dynamic reports by themselves, as per their requirements. These reports could be used for the purpose of interpreting and analyzing existing data to assist in making informed, smart decisions. All of the reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel or CSV format for further customization of data output.

Key Functions:
• Report Group: This allows this reports to be categorized according to users’ needs
• Dynamic Field: This field will allow filtering reports as per your queries
• Total/Sub Total: Define the Dynamic Total and Sub Total in any report
• SQL Query Analyzer: Write select query and generate reports as you per the user’s requirements


A company established by business and technology experts within the banking and remittance industry with the intention of introducing something new, unique, and modern into the world of IT.


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