Money Transfer

We develops strategic alliances with key partners in distribution countries to ensure safe and timely transactions. Our cost effective solutions provide flexibility and comfort, with the ability to easily scale plans tailored to your business needs.

Risk Profiling.

With the help of our competent team with global experience, your ideas will be delivered as products to establish and broaden the Remittance business.

Developing infinite

Build your Remittance Business and explore unlimited technological horizons with our multifaceted Solutions.

100+ Happy Clients!

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Modular Approach

Our Platform comes with a lot built in but is designed as a modular system that can scale to your needs. With a host of functionality and features available, the iRemit money transfer system is the platform of choice for money transfer business that are serious about growth.

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Transaction process to Payout Corresponded

The transactions will be processed at iRemit front end and would be transmitted to receiving banks / partners through iRemit using ā€œApplication programming interface (API) so that banks/partners can receive transactions instantly. Each transaction entry will have unique reference number (PIN number) generate at our front end which would be printed on the customer receipt.

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Built-in API Integration Real Time

iRemit is already integrated with international remittance system and most of the banks from Indonesia, Philippines, India and Nepal.


  • Monitoring of inward and outward remittance transactions
  • Monitoring of compliance with anti-money laundering and counter financing of terrorism (AML/CFT)
  • Dynamic and flexible Compliance Rule Setup
  • Customer Risk Profiling - Risk Based Approach
  • Ability to perform clearing, settlement and reconciliation processes
  • Generation of audit trails reports
  • Report Writer tool
  • 2 Factor Authentication
  • Agents Panel Module
  • Customer Panel Module